tabout version 3 beta

The beta of tabout Version 3 is now available for testing. You can download it from this web site, along with the User Guide, and some example code. All of the example code is also available from links inside the User Guide.

Please note, for your security, the tabout file has been given a .txt extension, so it will open in your browser and you can inspect it.
After downloading or saving it to your computer, rename it to tabout.ado. Full instructions on installation and usage of tabout are contained in the User Guide.

user guide

What is tabout? In essence, tabout is a program for producing publication-quality tables of descriptive statistics. It runs inside the statistical package, Stata, and can be used to produce cross-tabulations of counts and percentages, as well as cross-tabulated summary tables, such as means, medians, standard deviations and so forth.

Stata is a commercial statistical package available from StataCorp. tabout itself is a free user-written program, called an ado file.

tabout version 2

Version 2 of tabout is still the official version. It can be downloaded from: here, or it be can installed from inside Stata by typing: ssc install tabout, replace.


  • Current beta is version 3.0.3. dated 8 May 2017.
  • User Guide now in Third Printing (October 2017). Note changes to ptotal option.
  • Version 3 enhancements include:
    • new output styles: for Word and Excel
    • table titles and footnotes
    • dropping columns and reshaping of tables
    • template files for ease of use
    • easy creation of dynamic documents